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About International Dance School

First step to improvement is to meet the right instructor.

International Dance School (IDS), as it is represented by its name, offers dance courses for students form age three to adults in a multi-cultural and accepting environment. We welcome you with our spacious studio in Meguro, providing classes with live piano accompaniment.

In our studio, we offer Ballet classes taught by Mr. Almazbek Shamyraliev a former teacher of Vaganova Ballet Academy, Ms. Irina Sitnikova as principal and visiting teacher (current Senior teacher at Vaganova Ballet Academy), and Ms. Dominique Khalfouni and Ms. Isabelle Ciaravola (both Etoile dancer from Paris Opera) as special visiting teacher, providing top-class artistic and technical guidance to our students. In IDS, we have sent many students abroad such as Vaganova Ballet Academy (Russia) and Manheim State Ballet Academy (Germany), who have later started working globally as a professional dancer.

As well as our high class ballet curriculum, we have variety of classes that support the ballet education, such as Physiotherapy course, chiropractic/ massage facility with professionals, Court Dance class, and Theatre & Performance class. We help you achieve your dream to become a realistic goal.

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Almazbek Shamyraliev

Almazbek Shamyraliev Graduate of Vaganova Ballet Academy
Former Soloist of Eifman Ballet Company
Former Teacher of Vaganova Ballet Academy
Certified Ballet Teacher

Maika Ueda

Maika Ueda Graduate of IDS
Graduate of Manheim State Ballet University

Yuka Muratani

Yuka Muratani Graduate of IDS
Graduate of Novosibirsk National Ballet School
Sibiu Romania National Ballet Theatre

Dashtulin Tuluga

Dashtulin Tuluga Graduate of Perm Ballet
Former dancer of Mongolia National Ballet Company

Marie-Hana de Lencquesaing

Marie-Hana de Lencquesaing Graduate of Lycee Franco Japonais
Exchange program at Kharkiv State Ballet Academy
Student at St. Petersberg Conservatoire
Dancer at Tchaikovsky Classical Ballet Theatre

Yayako Seo

Yayako Seo Graduate of IDS
Graduate of Vaganova Ballet Academy (Ludmila Kovaleva Class)

Nozomi de Lencquesaing

Nozomi de Lencquesaing London University
Goldsmiths College
Honored BA in Theatre and Performance

Special Guest Instructors

Dominique Khalfouni

Dominique Khalfouni Former Etoile of Roland Petit
Etoile of Paris Opera

Ludmila Kovaleva

Ludmila Kovaleva Teacher of Diana Vishneva
Senior Teacher at Vaganova Ballet Academy

Irina Sitnikova

Irina Sitnikova Former Soloist of Mariinsky Theatre
Senior Teacher at Vaganova Ballet Academy
2005 Competition Jury at Lausanne International Ballet Competition

Isabelle Ciaravola

Isabelle Ciaravola Etoile of Paris Opera
Teacher at Paris Conservatoire

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